Towards a cross-platform C/C++ dev environment

As you've probably read in my recent posts, I've been getting involved in the linux audio community. I've discovered that I really like linux - especially the concept of a system-wide package manager, I wish Windows had one that everybody used. What I miss is Visual Studio. I really can't overstate the hit my velocity … Continue reading Towards a cross-platform C/C++ dev environment

Building Ardour on Ubuntu

[UPDATE] I've found that the instructions below cause jackd2 to be uninstalled, which causes some problems. Reinstalling the jackd2, libjack-jackd2-0, libjack-jackd2-dev and pulseaudio-module-jack packages should fix those issues[/UPDATE] I'm taking a journey┬áinto audio software, and I've been playing around on Linux because there's quite a good open-source audio community out there. The shining star (in … Continue reading Building Ardour on Ubuntu