About Me

For as long as I can remember, all I have wanted to do “when I grow up” is program computers. Since starting as a graduate I have had the opportunity of leading small to medium teams on projects ranging from Financial Systems integration to high-fidelity military training simulators, and almost everything in-between. In the last two years, as CTO and Lead Engineer at a technical studio in the games industry, I have been managing all the engineering delivered by a 13-strong team of Software Engineers.

I started learning programming at age 6, on an Atari 800, then moving on to BASIC, Visual BASIC, Delphi, C++, Java and C#. In 2007 I finished my Bachelor of Engineering (Software) with First-Class honours, and have been working as a Software Engineer ever since.

I have always had a desire to make excellent software and as I have progressed from working in teams, to leading small to medium teams, to managing entire organistions, I have developed a passion for learning how to get teams to produce excellent software. I love technical challenge, and variety, and now I would like to get out and see the world, both culturally, and from a software engineering perspective.

I now live in London, working as the Chief Technology Officer at Crimson Education.

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