Update on my C++ development environment

A while back I posted this post:


At the time I was using GCC as my compiler, so I was using:
linter-gcc and autocomplete-clang. I found the GCC linter a bit flakey, and to be honest, GCC’s error messages are just the worst. So, I decided to move to Clang as my compiler and have switched to linter-clang. One of the nice things here is I now only need the .clang_complete file to supply options to Clang, which makes life a little simpler. The whole thing seems a great deal more reliable now. I also found out that the directives in the .clang_complete file need to be on separate lines.

Also, at some point the atom-build plugin changed so that I need to put fully-qualified paths into all my build commands, there is a way to put variables in there, so here’s what I have now:

    "cmd": "{PROJECT_PATH}/waf",
    "name": "Build",
    "sh": "true",
    "cwd": "{PROJECT_PATH}",
    "targets": {
        "Clean" : {
            "cmd": "{PROJECT_PATH}/waf clean",
            "sh": "true"

I’ve dispensed with the atom-debugger plugin, because it wasn’t mature enough, plus I feel hardcore using a command-line debugger!

A couple of other plugins I use are:

  • atom-snippets to have a preamble template when I create new files
  • open-terminal-here to make it quick to open a terminal window to do things like interacting with git, and debugging.

Finally, I found a neat theme which is inspired by Google’s Material Design design-language, you need two packages for it:

  • atom-material-ui
  • atom-material-syntax


So, this brings the package list to:

  • atom-snippets
  • autocomplete-clang
  • autocomplete-plus
  • build
  • linter
  • linter-clang
  • open-terminal-here
  • switch-header-source
  • atom-material-ui
  • atom-material-syntax

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