Fun with Arduino!

So a couple of days ago my Adafruit Experiment Kit for Arduino (ARDX) arrived, and today I spent some time playing with it.

I went through the first couple of experiments but decided to go off the range a little with the second one. Instead of writing a whole bunch of code which goes through and sets individual pins, I decided to try using the Port Registers to set a whole bunch of pins at once. So, what I decided to do was make an 8-bit binary display. I had to use some Bit Math to take the lower 6 bits of the number and put them onto one port register, and the upper two onto the other port register. Thanks to Cosine Kitty for the info on Port Registers.

Here’s a video of my first pass at the experiment, with scrolling LEDs.

And here is the binary counter.

My next step will be to read bytes from the serial port and show them on the 8-bit display.

That’s all folks.

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