.NET Class Wrapper coming along

I’ve been embedding mono into my game engine, and decided that what I needed was a code generator to generate C++ classes which wrap .NET classes that exist inside the sandboxed runtime.

I’ve decided on StringTemplate for the templating side of it, and after trying to write a template without first knowing what the class should actually look like, I set about writing an initial prototype of what I would like my generator to eventually produce. This went quite smoothly (if rather slowly), and eventually I found that my application, whilst calling all the .NET code I wanted it to, was crashing when trying to free some memory.

I eventually found that my problem was that I shouldn’t be calling free for a pointer that was allocated using g_malloc, because that’s just asking for trouble. However, g_free, just won’t compile (well, link actually), not in a million years, not in my code (but for some reason it does in libmono). However, the lovely people over at the mono-devel mailing list said I should use mono-free (which wasn’t in my library definition, causing me much angst). Eventually I edited mono.def, recompiled mono, and my code, and what do you know? It works.

Next stop, a code generator.

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