Three reasons I like iPhone OS 3

I recently updated my iPod Touch to the latest version of the OS and I’ve noticed some nice little touches that make the device even more excellent than it used to be.

  1. Select / Cut / Copy / Paste – Tap and drag in notes and mail, and you immediately start selecting text, Tap and hold in safari and it selects an entire block of text for you. When you have a selection, a little context ballon comes up to give you options like, Copy, Paste, etc.
  2. Advanced audio controls – it used to be hard to scrub through a track, especially if it was long because the precision on the slider was not very good. Now, if you start scrubbing, but move your finger down (away from the slider itself) it makes your scrubbing more precise. Also, in audio books there is a little button which lets you back up by 30 seconds, and a speed control, so that you can slow the audio book down.
  3. Landscape keyboard in notes – very nice for those of us with larger fingers / thumbs, who like a bit more spacing between our keys.

Overall my impression of iPhone OS is that it is catching up quickly, in terms of general features that Windows Mobile has had for a while, but as it does, it revolutionises the usability of the feature – selecting text, and positioning the cursor are two such examples, where Apple have really thought about the issues inherent with controlling a small device with a blunt instrument like your thumb.

Here endeth the fanboyesque rhetoric.

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