My re-vitalised Scooter

Yesterday, whilst making my daily commute to work, my scooter (the one pictured in the theme of this blog) started making an aweful rattling sound, as if something was about to fall of. Something had, in fact, fallen off: the heat-guard from the muffler, and was now rattling around amongst the under-carriage. So, naturally I took my scooter to my scooter people (scootling) and asked them to give it a thorough once over while they were at it.

As it turns out it needed a bit of work, but boy did they do a good job! The scooter used to struggle to hit 55km/h on the flat, now it exceeds 60km/h with ease; there is a lot more power up in the top end so that I can power up hills a lot faster, and down hill I can push the speedo as far round as it will go (~70km/h, but I can’t be sure because the numbers only go up to 60). The brakes have also been replaced and tightened, so they work a lot better, and don’t jam on any more, and with a new rear tyre I have more confidence in the wet and around corners. It is like riding a new scooter and it has definitely been a highlight of my week.

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