ADODB.Command error ‘800a0cc1’

I recently got this error message in an application at work:

ADODB.Command error '800a0cc1'
Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name
or ordinal.  

The explanation you will often receive about this error is that you are trying to access a data item that does not exist – typically, they’ll say, it means your dataset is empty. However, I have found another cause for this error: Assigning a value to a Stored Procedure Parameter which does not exist.

Previous versions of ADO let this slide, but the version that ships with Windows 2003 does not.

Hope this helps somebody.

3 thoughts on “ADODB.Command error ‘800a0cc1’

  1. yes. very helpfull. i observed this error after the server was migrated from win2k to win2003. is there any workaround for this?

  2. It could also be because the user from your connection string doesn’t have select rights to the data objects (i.e. tables) in the stored proc. Almost lost my mind on that one.

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